Zahoree Virtual Teams by Infolink-exp® is a fully-managed global talent platform that democratizes support and allows technology and new digital economy companies to assemble and manage their CX teams virtually.

Through proven industry expertise, a unique online platform, AI/ML-driven tools, and gamification, we transform the challenges around running customer support, and human-augmented support tasks, to deliver a solution that drives a Transformational Customer Experience for your users.

Zahoree Virtual Teams® is Infolink-exp’s CX Global Talent and Remote Team Management Platform.

Infolink-exp is a global organization with 15+ years of experience in the technology and product support industry. While partnering with the most innovative technology brands, Infolink-exp has become a leader in the Customer Experience arena, helping SmartTech and new economy businesses scale, while assisting their end customers in adopting and using their products effectively to improve their lives. Infolink-exp has been a trusted partner in helping companies deliver great transformational CX in B2B and B2C scenarios.


Fully-Managed Teams

Zahoree Virtual Teams is a managed offering. You are assigned a CX Strategist to help you size, select, and activate your team, and have the visibility to manage the day-to-day complexities of a support operation, including training, scheduling, quality assurance, managing performance, and acting on CX insights.

Global Talent

Reach CX support talent from our ZVT pool to be part of your customer support team, wherever they are. ZVT will help you select the best fit and manage your virtual CX operation. Our CX Experts are trained to support the best technology products and new economy brands.

CX Focused

We focus on recruiting and selecting customer support and CX experts, as well as support teams in other specific human-augmented activities, such as ML annotation and human intelligence tasks that drive or augment AI-driven solutions.

Purposeful Work

ZVT prioritizes having a positive social impact by offering qualified opportunities and purposeful jobs within the tech industry, to people around the globe who want to enhance their careers and earning potential.

CXaaS For Your Business

• Opportunity search for CX experts
• 24/7 access to CX expert pool search
• Support solution quoting and optimization
• Phone and Chat assistance by our CX Strategist
• Optimized CX expert recruitment, qualification, and selection
• CX training and gamification of career path
• Operational performance dashboard
• CX analytics dashboard

Accessible Anywhere

Zahoree CX Virtual Teams is the first comprehensive, user-friendly platform offered as CXaaS that connects CX specialists with opportunities to support leading SmartTech and new digital economy brands. ZVT is built to tap into global CX talent, and provide companies the tools to manage their CX teams remotely and seamlessly.

AI Driven

Zahoree Virtual Teams provides machine learning and AI capabilities, which will accelerate the process of matching skills and abilities to support requirements, predict fit and turnover, and provide advanced CX analytics.

Transformational CX Insights

Zahoree VT uses NLP technology to distill CX insights from your support data, based on a unique scientific approach, which includes key concepts of affective science, positive psychology, and behavioral economics to help virtual teams excel in the support of your customers’ journey.