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Address the customer support challenges of today’s leading SmartTech and new economy companies, by joining us as a CX Expert. Zahoree Virtual Teams works on delivering superior experiences to end-customers of the most innovative brands. If you like to interact with people and work for the technology, e-commerce, and other digital industries, come aboard!

Zahoree Virtual Teams® is Infolink-exp’s CX Global Talent Platform.

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Working with Zahoree Virtual Teams by Infolink-exp® is to be part of a global team. A friendly and fun community that actively works to transform people’s life through the effective and safe use of technology.

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Diversity Enriches Us

The culture we’ve created isn’t just about delivering support. It’s also about investing in the people who put in the hard work and contribute to making Zahoree and our clients’ CX Teams what they are: diverse teams that thrive with a broad range of abilities, styles, and expertise in a digital environment that never loses sight of people. People are valued where everyone shares a sense of belonging.

Advance your Customer Experience Career

Zahoree Virtual Teams is a platform that democratizes support and allows you to work with great brands from anywhere. If you have passion for people, love helping consumers adopt new services and technologies or assisting a digital buyer with their e-commerce experiences, Zahoree Virtual Team offers you a rewarding CX career path.

Recruitment Process

Through the Zahoree Virtual Teams platform, we can take you from being a novice to becoming a CX expert. In the platform you will find CX and Technical training tools in a gamified path that you will be able to trace. If you already are an expert, you will find tools to advance your knowledge and benchmark your performance. You apply for an opportunity online and Zahoree’s matching algorithms and expert recruiters will qualify you to assign you to support one of our great brands